We disguise
In our bride we diss guys
We lie about who we are, we’re not precise
We’re big on the inside
But we small talk our big size
We’re the embodiment of wisdom, but we don’t speak wise
What we’re made of, we’re yet to realize
Creation awaits our radiance but we weak shine
They wanna feast with us but we cheap dine
They wanna see in us the King that existed for ages
But we reflect imperfect images
Sisters and brothers
Mothers and fathers
Let’s know more about the life that was offered
Let’s not live undercover
When we’ve got the answer
For them that suffer
Let’s push the gospel further
Let’s exhibit our inner powers
For in us is joy to make the world dance
Peace to clam storms in an instance
The love to give a second chance
The hope of a future, where fear has no presence
The faith to live a life of essence
Let’s not disguise
Let each of us reach guys
Let’s give them the truth, save them from the enemy’s lies
Let us show them the light
Take the veil off their eyes
Let us magnify God till He is supersized in their eyes
Let’s show them Christ
Let’s no longer live in disguise.