She likes me
She said it with the kindest smile
Her face radiated like the sun
Her eyes pierced through me
But not enough to see
The leaping of my heart
Bouncing up and down like a round ball
How I wish I could stand tall
To let this princess know
How the thought of her stalks my heart
Never has a day gone by
Without my brain replaying moments with her
And my heart craving to be with her
But I vacillate.

Reasons for my hesitation can’t be laid plain
It eludes me, I don’t know what to make of it
I view my future with some sort of trepidation
It is an obstacle to my coming to a conclusion
I’ve been known to be a water walker
But not on waters that lead to the heart
Daily, I ruminate
My heart, my mind and brain deliberate
The idea of giving away my heart, they contemplate
The egoistic part of me kicks in
And as before, I vacillate.


Be The Best


Make big moves like you are backed by God
Surprise them, let them think you’re odd
Prove you’re a believer by the way you deliver
Always be on your grind from January to December
Remember, you not only doing it for yourself
Or for the accolades that’ll sit on your shelve
Do it for your family, do it for your nation
Do it for the children, for the next generation
Trust the God in you, that’s how you believe in you
Exhaust all that is in you
Put your spirit, your mind, your muscles to use
Make your future so big, embarrass your yesterday
Allow your tomorrow make a joke of your today
Skill is cheap, passion is priceless
Stay diligent, hone your skill, they won’t pay you less
you may be in the same league as them, but you’re calibre championship
you might float with them, but they’re just a canoe, you’re a big ship.




My hesitation
Has slowed me from my destination
‘Cos most of my determinations
Got stranded in the pathway of procrastination
My hesitation
Has reduced my contribution
‘Cos most of my presentation
Got lost in the web of my imagination
My hesitation
Has prevented me from showing affection
‘Cos most of my emotions
Got caged in the prison of trepidation

My hesitation
Has saved me from destruction
Got slowed down when I waited on the king of creation.