Life isn’t basic black and white

Not as simple as wrong and right

Life, like poetry is deep

Deep light and dark

There’re forces behind what we see

All you observe isn’t all there is

There’re influences in secret places

Who happy or sad our faces

Who determine events and occurrences

These powers are in constant opposition

We make choices, they decide our destination

Daily they fight for our attention

We are the hub of their operation

These spirits of the air

Have existed for years

They attend to

What we say

They see what we do

They know who we are

We are sturdier than they are

But they persuade us

They can’t force us

We are left to make the choice

We choose the voice

The voice informs us on what to do

All we do is influenced by one of the two

They constantly combat each other

We determine who rules

These forces are light and dark

Good and evil

God and the devil

There’s a realm beyond what we

See, feel, savour, whiff or hear

A realm further than our senses

Life isn’t plain black and white

Life is ocean deep!!



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