Good morning Love


I don’t like this little hesitation
That hitch from my rib cage
Causing this uneasy heart palpitations
Second thoughts on my preparation
To give you my full attention
Could it because of these many distractions
Or is it just trepidation.

It’s like I’m uncertain
Certain things are rather easy to sustain
So maybe I should maintain
My single status quo
And remain safe
Or shall I plunge into this water
Of many surprises and wonders.

But  I’ve fallen so deep already
There no getting me out of this ocean depth
I’m in Love
I thought the depth will feel different
But I’m still here, I’m still me
Still breathing alright
The only difference is, I’m with someone who truly cares
Whose pleasure is to be with me.

Help me Lord, to not break her heart
Guide me, so I in turn guide her right
Let our lights so mingle that it becomes one super bright.


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