My Words And I

Music caught my attention
But words cuffed me
More than the alphabets
More than the phrases and sentences
I got cuffed, a life sentencing
Words stuffed with experiences
And my daily reality
Penned on pages upon pages
My joys and my rages
My freedom and my caging
I’ve found a place to air my views
A place to spread my news
A place to imagine in margins
To imagine myself as a boy again
As a girl that is beautiful
As a monster, as a pearl
As disadvantaged, as a boss
As a minus, as a plus
As a rookie, as arrived
As a champion, as survived
I can be all that cos of words
Words the creation’s creator
Spoken that all and everything
Might be in their right places
Words, the power to inspire
To excite, to challenge
To anger, to annoy
To incite, to encourage
Words… I’ve got the power!!


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