Dreaming Again

I almost pulled the wire of life off my own dreams
Because hope deferred makes the heart sick
It was taking too long and chances started lose skin
So my heart also started to lose sweet
Bitterness slowly but surely did big time wins
Because I couldn’t take the fact they’ve all left me
They were all becoming, whilst I was still dreaming
Light was falling, dim was rising
My tunnel vision wouldn’t see light on the horizon
For the tunnel was dark, pitch black
Just as I was about to fade to dark and black out
A ray of light, light of hope
With the singular purpose of starting a new fire
A new passion, an open view of new possibilities
Gave a tune to my heart
Raised hands of worship mode to my arms
Bouncing spring under my feet
To dance, to charge towards a dream

So now, I’ll dream it, I’ll be it
I will conceive it, then I’ll hold it
Who or what can stop me now?
Maybe me, no, I’m not stopping for nothing
I am running, chasing after all that is mine
May pass out bcuz of exhaustion but I’ll be fine
I’m dreaming again
Like a child whose ready to gain
Knowledge of walking, new skills of talking
Who sees no limits, because he doesn’t have them
Because he hasn’t been told what he can’t do.

I’ll dive into stormy seas and swim to the other side
Better still, I will walk on the waters
I’ll turn water into wine
I will turn stone into bread but this time, not under duress

I’m dreaming again.


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