If you are gonna love me

If you are gonna love me
You are gonna love me imperfect
‘Cos I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer
I’m not the cutest prince charming
I’m not the next wise king Solomon
I admit I’m not as deep as the priest
And I can’t make all my wish come to be like magic
My frame isn’t athlete-like built
My ways aren’t crystal clear, sky blue
My company aren’t all good dudes
My speech isn’t as articulate as the poet’s rendition
I’ve got a bright future, not a perfect vision
I believe the world is mine but I’m from the worst region
Some of my dreams have been cast into swine like the demon legions
I’ve had fears that locked me in cages
I’ve not been best at anything to be rewarded with handsome wages
I’ve never been tight with anyone like shoe laces
I’ve never been up to the task when storm rages
My joy hasn’t over flown like the Falls Victoria
I’ve not made that much impact to be known in Pretoria
I’m not the least nor the best in my area

If you’re gonna love me
You’re gonna love me imperfect