Her name was Stellar
I tried writing her a letter
I tore up the letter
I couldn’t tell her

I drove her, almost was almost going to tell her
I hinted it to her brother
He loved the idea
He suggested I call and tell her

I called her and we spoke till later
But I couldn’t get my mouth to utter
What my inner was dying to tell her
Never figured there was a time out

I thought I bought time
That when it was prime time
I would tell her
In eight letters (I love you)
What I wanted me and her to be
Like it was all up to me

So I finally dressed up in my courage attire
To tell her how I felt about her
She was blushing, she was humbled
Then in hushing voice, she mumbled
Why didn’t I tell her
That she now has a man
Who soon be meeting her father
She dreamt the dreams I dreamt
That we would one day be lovers
But I chilled out, too laid back
Like in pursuit of her I retired

I cried till I was tired
My head spilling like a tyre
I blew it, I was a disaster
I regret I didn’t tell her
In time…


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