My Day


It was my birthday two days ago. I wrote this little piece to celebrate me:

You had me, before my mother conceived me
You knew me by name before they knew what to name me
You called me, long before I knew how to answer
You saved me from the destruction that loomed, from disasters

You shielded me from the darts that could have drilled deep into my soul
You comforted me, when in sorrow from which I couldn’t be consoled
You covered up the pit, that was sure to bury me
You married me, I forever your bride never to leave me

You looked out for me, when I secretly left your abode
You forgave me when I broke the vows of our consummation
You held me close in spite of the stench of my sinful self
Then you loved me and overshadowed it with the stimulating fragrance of your grace

Everyday you lavish me presents I can’t exhaust
Goodness; the smile that Heaven has on me, a sign of approval, a sign I’m not in this alone
Mercy; a standby for whenever my power trips, an offering offered on my behalf, a waving off of retribution

I have someone who truly loves me
A Father who takes care of me
A guardian in whom I’ve been secure
A friend who never leaves.

As I celebrate myself today, I rejoice in the One who has kept me through it all. I love You with all of me, My Lord.


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