My Fairy Dreams

All I need is a table and chair
A thunderous silence, no cheers
A Manhattan kinda view
A fridge filled with healthy food
A shelf with filled African literature
A classic typewriter
With a futuristic computer
Give me an Apple
A Sahara Jeep to visit the country side
So I can inhale some undiluted air
Some cool Jazz, say Marcus Miller
Some African Jams, say Zahara, Asa, Lagbaja
Give me some greatness on the wall to stare at
A Picasso, a Goya, an Andy Worhol
Give me a winter, give me a summer
An autumn and a spring
You’ll be shocked at the wonder I will come up with
I promise I will write epic
I dare to say I will make history.
But till then
Give me the time of day
Take school away
Let the debt be paid
Give me a focus and a purpose
An ambition and a calling
I will drive myself in perpetuity
Until I reach my destiny
Above all, give me love
So that all won’t go to waste
So that all won’t be for nothing
All won’t be in vain


anger emoticon

The anger that doesn’t sleep
Awakened by unfulfilled dreams
Daring to step out where others only wish
Tired of being tired of being tired

The anger that doesn’t sleep
Hushing the sea of it roaring tidal waves
Screaming to deafen
Not minding, something must give

The anger that doesn’t sleep
Burning all night with wood of passion
Taking action not settling for rations
It must get better, glory beckons

The anger that doesn’t sleep
It heard Goliath added an extra inch
Wouldn’t flinch
It wouldn’t add an extra inch to it sling

The anger that doesn’t sleep
Doesn’t sip, trying to catch it breath
But runs from sun up to sun down
Won’t dignify no for an answer
Stirred to get up and get all
Because it is my right, it was paid for!!!

Me, My Pen and My Pad


Since the first day I was held
I fought to survive to arrive
At my destiny
Trying to fight gravity
Never fighting anyone
Only fighting the odds

Since the first day I held my pen
To put to page my poems
I felt the best of feels
I’ve braved weather changes
And the mood swings
To keep moving on
Never fighting anyone
Only fighting the odds

I’ve died and risen
When I rhymed and reasoned
For I stepped into dark places
Flamed walls, saw hellish faces
But I came out crisps clean
Like the three Hebrew boys
Not even a whiff of it on me
Never fighting anyone
Only fighting the odds

So come what may
Night or day
Waves or rays
Small or giant
Reptile or ant
Peace or war
Nothing shall come between
Me, my pen and my pad.

I will pen answers
I will journey with the broken-hearted
I will provide solace
I will pen joyful tunes
Calm to ruins
I will pen bitter truth
I will point out the crooks
The reason will longer be for me
It will be for you.



In the plan of God
In the plans of man
When ours go to ruin
And His pans out

What is His plan
What is our plan
If His is the ultimate
Why then do we plan

For the freedom of will
That wasn’t granted
The beasts, the bees and hills
That’s the reason, we’re able to dream and make real

So it dawned on me that His dream for me
Is for my will and His to collide
His swallowing mine, mine in His, His in mine
Until it forms a big Will

Just like the Son on the cross
When his will and of his Father’s came to a crisscross
Having full knowledge of the purpose of the cross
He surrendered to his Father’s will, his hands wide opened

For this reason, I surrender my will to His
However gigantic, however frivolous
However fantastic, however inglorious
I will give it all up, all for the glory that must follow

All for the glory that must follow
For the glory man bestows is nothing but shadows
It is nothing but a show
A show that gets buried below as soon as death throw it blows.

This Love


The intentions of love I don’t know
At least not anymore
Isn’t love suppose to show
Isn’t love a desire to want the other more and more

My love has humiliated me
I’ve been stamped underfoot and laughed at
But I can’t seem to get mad at them for how they treat me
Instead, like a dartboard, I chest all their darts
With a smile, with joy, coming back for more
Like a goat that’s never tired of suffering

I’m a fool for love, I love like a kid
Am I afraid of aloneness or am I just a rear breed
My skin is tough like that of a camel, I rarely bleed
I’ve decided whenever love calls for an auction, I will have the highest bid

I murdered my ego, just for a hug
I forgave, thereafter I was sentenced to be hung
Even when the feelings burn inside like boiled water in a mug
I can’t help but to not see their wrong

Maybe I will one day die for love
The day my flesh is tired of taking the beating
That day I will take on a new body, a body from above
Till then I will not stop loving, my flesh won’t stop dying

I will die for love
I will be ruined for this love.