In the plan of God
In the plans of man
When ours go to ruin
And His pans out

What is His plan
What is our plan
If His is the ultimate
Why then do we plan

For the freedom of will
That wasn’t granted
The beasts, the bees and hills
That’s the reason, we’re able to dream and make real

So it dawned on me that His dream for me
Is for my will and His to collide
His swallowing mine, mine in His, His in mine
Until it forms a big Will

Just like the Son on the cross
When his will and of his Father’s came to a crisscross
Having full knowledge of the purpose of the cross
He surrendered to his Father’s will, his hands wide opened

For this reason, I surrender my will to His
However gigantic, however frivolous
However fantastic, however inglorious
I will give it all up, all for the glory that must follow

All for the glory that must follow
For the glory man bestows is nothing but shadows
It is nothing but a show
A show that gets buried below as soon as death throw it blows.


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