This Love


The intentions of love I don’t know
At least not anymore
Isn’t love suppose to show
Isn’t love a desire to want the other more and more

My love has humiliated me
I’ve been stamped underfoot and laughed at
But I can’t seem to get mad at them for how they treat me
Instead, like a dartboard, I chest all their darts
With a smile, with joy, coming back for more
Like a goat that’s never tired of suffering

I’m a fool for love, I love like a kid
Am I afraid of aloneness or am I just a rear breed
My skin is tough like that of a camel, I rarely bleed
I’ve decided whenever love calls for an auction, I will have the highest bid

I murdered my ego, just for a hug
I forgave, thereafter I was sentenced to be hung
Even when the feelings burn inside like boiled water in a mug
I can’t help but to not see their wrong

Maybe I will one day die for love
The day my flesh is tired of taking the beating
That day I will take on a new body, a body from above
Till then I will not stop loving, my flesh won’t stop dying

I will die for love
I will be ruined for this love.


4 thoughts on “This Love

  1. keep it up homez, keep em coming, all u need is just one great write up to open the portal to ur full discography,thru one all ur works will get heard. one

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