My Fairy Dreams

All I need is a table and chair
A thunderous silence, no cheers
A Manhattan kinda view
A fridge filled with healthy food
A shelf with filled African literature
A classic typewriter
With a futuristic computer
Give me an Apple
A Sahara Jeep to visit the country side
So I can inhale some undiluted air
Some cool Jazz, say Marcus Miller
Some African Jams, say Zahara, Asa, Lagbaja
Give me some greatness on the wall to stare at
A Picasso, a Goya, an Andy Worhol
Give me a winter, give me a summer
An autumn and a spring
You’ll be shocked at the wonder I will come up with
I promise I will write epic
I dare to say I will make history.
But till then
Give me the time of day
Take school away
Let the debt be paid
Give me a focus and a purpose
An ambition and a calling
I will drive myself in perpetuity
Until I reach my destiny
Above all, give me love
So that all won’t go to waste
So that all won’t be for nothing
All won’t be in vain


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