I’m A Man Of Honour


I am a man of honour
A treasure to my district
Fully dressed with my full armour
To fight and defend in the street.

I am a beautiful piece of art
To adore, to inspire the beholder
An influencer of hearts
A pointer to a world much better.

I am a man of honour
Who loves the women in his life
But waits patiently for the call to choose a wife
Who doesn’t bend to world’s standard and false humour.

I am a decider of destiny
So I carefully sow my seeds
For harvests reaped will live beyound me
I do little resting and when I do rest, I rest in Him.

I am a man of honour
As bold as a lion
Discreetly patient like the serpent
Hard at work like an ant
Hovering over treasures majestically and effortlessly like the eagle
Ever ready for all seasons.

I am man of prayer
I bend my knees so often
The only time you see me so soften
Weeping and tearing before my Maker
Never holding back.

I am a man of joy
A rejoicing spirit that praises even in the darkest of night
A shifter of clouds for the appearance of light
A worshiper who whispers aloud sweet melodies with his tongue.

I am a man of peace
One who doesn’t fear confrontation
But who has permanently kept his fist in detention
But uses his lips to dialogue, to love, to pacify.

I am a man of love
I’ve got a lot to share
So much to spare
In each and every sphere I appear.

I am a son
Who carefully follows the tutelage of the Son
Paying attention to every Word and holding on to it dearly as treasures.

I am a man of honour
I still have lands and kingdoms to conquer
Freedom and peace to offer
The need to boldly come out and stop living undercover.

I Am a man of honour
One with a lot of patient
And so little ego.

I’m a man of honour
I do not bend to the call of nature
I hold myself in, always in control of my members
Bringing down evil thoughts and imaginations.

I’m a man of honour
One who wouldn’t bend his rules
Or blaspheme is belief to soothe the world
But will stand upright with squared shoulders against whatever stands against his faith.


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