When We Say

igi agbelebuWhen we say we love
When we say we’re happy
When we say we won
When we don’t stop pushing
It’s mostly because of you

Word so divine
Reaching the branches from the vine
Powerful contents well designed
That gives strength so we don’t resign
Turned us weaklings to powerful guys
So we speak boldly, we don’t disguise
The yeast causing our rising
The sun that necessitate our shining

When we say we’re able
When we do more than trying
Now that we’re no longer feeble
Growing wings and flying
Standing out amongst the people
It’s mostly because of you

In our nation we don’t settle for ration
We’re not only aware, we pay attention
More to be done, more to become
Refusing to be little or belittled
So we dive into stormy seas
We believe and speak things we don’t see
Eventually we do have them

So when we believe
When say we’re healed
When we refuse to grief
Rest assured we’re forgiven
Peaceful in spite of unrest
It is mostly because of you.
All because of you Jesus!


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