It was baby sister’s birthday yesterday and I wrote this for her:

Since the first time I set my eyes on you
I couldn’t contain the love I had for you
Your smile, your dimples, your beautiful nature
Icing on top of that, you decided to embrace the Jesus culture.

We had no idea what was forming before our eyes
Only one day to be awakened to a princess
Then we realized, that we, yes we deserved this rare treasure
In our lives.

Trouble and you have never been married
You’ve never given us a reason to worry
We trusted you and we’ve never been sorry
Grace, so much grace, that has been your story.

The weather will be stormy and sometimes be sunny
Times may clock beautiful or change to ugly
But let Peace lead the way, hope the reason you stay
Faith be the propelling force, planted in grace so you don’t sway.

I believe you’ll conquer nations
Live life to the full in large portions
For you’re sponsored by grace.

I believe in you my darling.
Happy Birthday to you!!


Faraway Love

i f e


If for the distance
I can’t reach you in an instance
If because of our invisible relationship
We can’t hold hands in fellowship
If when I hear of your accomplishments
All I can do is send cards filled with compliments.

If in the winter night
You’re too far to hold tight
If in the times of great test
We aren’t able to pat each other all the best.

If when vexed, I couldn’t read the emotion on your face
Or in the time of emergency , rush to your aid
If your voice is only a whisper in my head
And if I can’t cheer you a go ahead.

If the distance causes variance in time
So that yours is different from mine
That when I greet good morning
You’re leaving for the evening
One thing you’ve got to know
We are one in spirit
We are one!

I miss you, I love you!



My Green Land


I’m from the land of the brave
A people whose resilience can’t be graved
A land full of giant minds, giant stature
A people well natured, well cultured.

In my home, we turn water into wine everyday
We grow forests in rocks, we create rivers in deserts
When it is said to be impossible, we show up and make it happen
We don’t know how to be hopeless, we constantly find loopholes.

I’m from the land of the gifted
Of great writers, of genius craftsmen
Of excellent artists, of unparalleled composers
Unrivalled athletes
Of innovators and of inventors.

I’m from the land of believers
The embracers of deity
Lovers of the supernatural
Seekers of truth to the very depths.

We wear dignity as apparel
A good name as attire
We answer the call to inspire
We don’t know how to retire.

Wars couldn’t undo us
Persecution wouldn’t diminish us
Bombs can’t drown our spirit
We don’t know how to stop persevering.

We the giant of Africa
We are the Green White Green
We are Nigeria.