God blessings are with no Strings attached
So don’t Fret when it seems like Bar is low
Count In on his love for from the curse you’ve been detached
You shall have in abundance, you shall not borrow.

The Lord has Flat out put your foe under your feet
So don’t be frightened or be Fretting about what he’ll do
So Hammer-on, do not look back
Fire on, for the Heavens have got your back.

Harmonize your tune with that of Heaven
Produce melodies that will cause hell to tremble
Be Headstock in bringing glory to His name
However hard it gets, no matter the pressure that mounts
Major in the school of grace not of hardknocks.

For the kingdom sake, never be moderate
Turn it up as soon as you begin to feel comfy, so Modulate
Go Nut on them, Open voicing
From the rooftops, allow the world hear your dreams
Pick Guard from the word daily so you don’t trip.

Finally, allow the Rhythm of your heart sync with that your Father’s
Keep your Root deeply planted his ways
However Sharp the enemy’s Setup, you can Scale over it
Slide always into the arms of grace
You are not a Tail piece, you’re a Masterpiece!


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