Distant Relatives

This is to my brother my mother never had
An impressive gentleman, a courageous young lad
Who embraced me when I was in despair
My shattered self-esteem he with his words helped repair

From you I learnt to unlearn all I’ve learned only to learn again with fresh perspective
I have became a better man, a better writer, a better thinker all thanks to you
You spoke your mind with the courage of a lion
You ironed out difference sagely, dude, you such an icon

I’m amazed at your sagacity, your emotion and logic are well balanced
You taught me to know when to fight and when to run was the best option

But like most men you are two-faced
The part I loath has floored the part of you I love
The stories of your clandestine affairs
The way you jibed at other people’s business like you got yours together
Or the way you blaspheme at the church and her bridegroom
It sends heavy punches to my gut so that I start to choke
For it was under my heart and my heart started to fail me
For the church and Christ, are my pipeline to breathe

This note is a guilt-write-up for how I went awol
I promise this is not jettisoning our friendship
This is the solution
This is me caught between choosing my God or my bro
I choose God!
No more poisoning my spirit
I don’t want anymore of this dirt on my soul.

Your humour still echo in my head
Your deep voice still screams at me when I’m illogical
Big bro, till we see again
Maybe I will be stronger to take your punches at my gut
Maybe I will be anointed enough to prove to you that God is alive

But till then, we shall be distant relatives
I shall reminiscence on good times spent together
I shall deeply love you from afar.


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