And I say

I pretend like I can do it on my own
But all I do is end up being alone
I ignore to call you not to even say hello
Can’t remember the last time you came to my home
And yet I say I love you

I’m on a mission of my own
I don’t involve you until I need a loan
If I don’t get it, then maybe you’ve left me alone
So don’t expect me to speak, just leave, just go
But yet I say I love you

You’re the great one, you’re the only one
You know me better than me, more than anyone
I’m just a man, you’re never wrong
So I can say I love you

I shall stop talking about love ’cause I don’t know it well
The day I know better, I shall gladly tell
But till then, I shall sing a song to threaten hell
And one day I shall truly say, I love you.