Here I am.


Here I am before you
Here I am before you
Clothed in the nothingness of my flesh
Like a new born, my cry is fresh
Early in this morning I’m naked before you
I left my I-know-it-all cloth at home
I’m no longer the got-it-together kid
I’m not the good news.

I’m here in the nothingness of my flesh
Vulnerable as can be
I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to shine
I’ve not come the way I’m suppose to appear
I’ve not showed up the way I think I should
I’ve come just the way I am
In the nothingness of my flesh.

Hold me, I just want to be held
Know me, I just want to be known
I want to be known by you
I want to know you the same way
In the most intimate of all intimacy.

Here I am in the nothingness of my flesh
Laid prostrate before you
Do what you do best
I’m open to all of you
I’m open to all you’ve got for me
Here I am Lord.


I shall tell you all about it


I need closure
please I need closure
Just the other day
We were talking about my recovery
Now them be talking about legacy?
Please wake me up and tell me this is a bad dream
Please cream this dream and kill this real.

Now Muyo is crying
No, please tell me someone, everyone is lying
Tell me this is some prank show.

I can’t cry
I don’t know how to tear up or tear out this pain
I wish I could talk to you once again
Just once again.
I can tell you about the pretty blonde I met yesterday
She had bright green eyes
We had a brief but sweet conversation
If that would bore you
Let’s talk about Arsenal’s latest loss
Or that Real Madrid’s awful end to their season
Anything… even politics APC, ANC, the Conservative party.

I wanna ask God why and be mad at Him
But you taught me well
And I know better than to subpoena the One who holds the universe
To my earthly court.

I’m sitting here with all these messages
Telling me the baton has been passed to me
And I better start running
How do I run
Where to
How fast?

And Momma is strong
Your baby is chilled, completely surrendered to His will
King is hopeful
Omowumite and I were reminiscing on the beautiful times
She’s holding up well
I wish I could tell you in person
Tell you all about it.

I’m certain you’re in Heaven right now
Speaking to those saints that were inspired
To put to page your favorite verses
You in dialogue with those who composed your favorite hymns
I’m sure you’ve already learnt a new song
Playing beautiful, unimaginable notes
On your grand piano made out of gold in your heavenly mansion
Singing with the twenty four elders
I can only imagine.

I can imagine you having revelational conversations
Like the resurrection and now you have the fuller picture
I see you talking to the great Apostle Paul
You throwing your head back in laughter
I always knew that man had pockets full of jokes.

So let me leave you to those heavenly conversations
Whatever is happening here, we shall tell you all about it
When we see again.

I love you Dad, you’re a true legend.

This Man


The man taught me how to be a man
His standards so high sometimes I don’t get his plan
A good name before money such his life preaches
Hard work makes room for you in high places;
I learnt from his perseverance outcomes.

The man taught me how to pray
Pray heartfelt, continued prayer
A relentless faith that doesn’t quit
A softness of heart, surrendered on his knees
Hours on end he spills his heart to his Maker
Whether in gratitude or in petition
He prays so passionately.

The man taught me real men love their family
Long travels, for months away
So his kids are well fed, properly clothed
Well groomed, well educated, ready for the world out there
Sleepless night just so that his kids will sleep well at night
Few clothes on his back, so that his children wear the best.

The man taught me
Do not follow the crowd to do evil, do not follow the crowd to do good
Do not follow the crowd.
He never follows, he is a commander, a pacesetter.

There are no enough pages to write Of the wonder this man is…

From whom I got my handsome face
And perhaps inherited my writing grace

RIP Dad.