You’re in my dreams


You’re in my dreams
You’re in my dreams
I see you, I hear you
I feel you
You’re in my dreams.

I nowadays detest sunrises
The thought of daylight grieves me
Because then, you fade away
And my mind catches the fact
That I won’t see you again
Not on this side of eternity.

I however look forward to sunsets
That’s when you rise again
My heart leaps
It leaps for joy that once again
I can commune and communicate with you.

Last night I interrupted you
You were talking in Naira
I was thinking in Rands
You laughed throwing your head back
As you usually did
Ignoring my interruption
You continued with your discussion.

You’re in my dreams
You’re in my dreams
Even though I’m not a heavy sleeper
And my bed isn’t my favorite place in the house
But for the fact that I would once again
Taste of your wisdom
And laugh myself out for your humour
All day long, I look forward to bed time
So I can once again laugh and chat with you Dad.


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