Loved One Turned Ghosts

Photo by Sergi Passos instagram: @sergipassos

When loved ones become ghosts
Those warm hands you use to hold become cold
They visit at night with naughty smiles
Saying in not so many words
That we can see them but we can’t touch them.

When loved ones become ghosts
There weren’t forewarning, prophets didn’t foretell
They just suddenly disappeared
Their voices now only echoes in our mind’s ear
They’re box and given to earth’s growling belly
And it is all over.

When loved ones become ghosts
Not because there lives had become stories that bored us
They in fact still had dreams and aspiration
But because death’s selfish arms has come way too early to claim them
We and them unsuspecting
Too carried away with the affairs of life to notice death lurking around the street corners.

When loved ones become ghosts
And they leave our use to be warmed heart cold
For the fear that we may love too much again only for them to disappear
But can we love truly love too much
They’ll be only be friendly ghosts if we did love them but hunt us if weren’t.

So for loved ones who have become ghosts
Come only at nighttimes, when I’m asleep
Slip into my heart the sweet melodies of heaven
Tell me stories of other ghost you’ve met
So I may retell your tales to the land of the living.


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