Sometimes I wait for that call
Your voice
That laughter
Your jovial spirit.

Somtimes I wanna share a revelation
A new song
My latest poem
My latest crush.

At other times
I just wanna vent
Be controversial
Be mad.

But I can’t
We can’t
I’m earth bound
In this earthly suit
You’re up there
Dressed in your heavenly apparel.

You can’t hear me
I can’t see you.



You’re Not For Me

How do I say you’re not the one
How do I say you’re not what I want
There isn’t a thing you should improve on
Not your looks, the way you cook
Not even your vocab.

How do I say you’re not the one
After all the time and emotions spent
After all those promises
How could I repent?

I wonder what you’d say to your friends
He just resigned?
I fear what it’ll do to your brother
Are there still good men out there?

I’m a man of many weaknesses
But telling the truth isn’t one of  it.
So before we get too serious
Before we involve the uncles
Before I meet your father
Let me just say
You’re not the one.

Let me assure you
There’s no one waiting to take over
I’m not hiding a secret lover
I first must find out who I be
Before there can be a you and me.

If I still find you waiting
After I have found myself
Then maybe it was meant to be
If not, I will bear the pain
Of missing out on something magical
And I will bare the pain with my sheet and pen.

Bye bye.

At times, I forget

I dug deep down into my pocket for my rent
I vent because I couldn’t afford the attire for the event
I’m pissed because they didn’t treat me like their other clients
That clique or that group won’t accept me as their friend.

The way I mirror maybe be the problem
I see a lot of errors,  maybe my eyes are the problem
The feelings are real,  my doubts are tangible
Who am I to pursue the impossible?

But don’t living things birth their own kind
A dog births dogs and bees birth bees
A seed births a plant or trees
And God, won’t He birth gods?

At times I forget I’m royalty
That my Father happens to be the King of the universe
That treasures untold,  wealth both heavenly and earthly
Are accessible to me.

At times i forget.



I started my yesterday just so excited because of a photo gig I was to attend later. I even woke up thirty minute before my alarm went off. It was beautiful to have woken up with that spirit of joy. I took the piture above whilst I waited for my ride to the event. It was one of those moments when everything was perfect and it just called me to capture the moment.

The event was a special crop of women who were starting an NPO. I saw beauty in the true sense. Young women who are pursuing their passion. I gulped down their wisdom. It will take me a while to process all I heard.

True beauty of anyone but particularly a woman since it is women’s month, is one who has found their calling in life and are ready to pursue with all they’ve got.

I’ve got no poem today, but I’ve got a photo to express myself.