Note of Victory

Praying. Instagram: @visserarnold

Not just spouting some words in the air
Not just making some confessions so maybe He might hear
Not to impress those that may be around
Not the hope of maybe I may shake the ground.

I want a note of victory each time I pray
I want them to carry power,  every word I say
I want Heaven, earth and hell to be aware
That someone touched the skies when their knees hit the ground.


War. Instagram: @dat_kjay

There’s a war that rages
It is subtle the way it wages
For it doesn’t drop bombs
There are no rifles heard.

This war fight hard between our ears
The dark, the light vie to air their views
Hoping to spread their news
Whom are we going adhere to.

Let us therefore arm ourselves with truth
Let’s hold to it with our dear lives
In our choices are death and life
It is a free world, you decide.


Cork. Instagram: @dat_kjay

This is a celebration of life
Life given,  wasn’t easily taken
By wicked and unreasonable men
I’ve been taken, chosen by God
To Him alone I owe my life.

This is a celebration of peace
Which is so abundant
So come what may, we are at rest
Still in one piece.

This is celebration of the future
For the glorious picture
Drawn up in our spirit
We shall not only dream it, we shall be it.

About Last Night.

Pepper sprayed. @dat_kjay

About a building away from my abode
Three negros with no ego
With no heros
Destination, no where to go
Sons of anarchy;
Jumped on me
I threw one off but the other two wrestle me to the ground
I was left grounded no one around
They were armed with a knife, with a brick and pepper spray

The one with the knife didn’t need to use it
(Behind the scene my angel told him he didn’t need it)
The one with the brick didn’t listen
Threw it but missed
(God saved my face)
But the one with pepper spray wasn’t listening and didn’t care
He sprayed my face with generous portions
Like he were he trying to kill a roach
They slowly walked off.

I stood up, I wouldn’t give up just yet
And my face burned like hell
Then how very happy I was when I saw the blue and red lights
I don’t agree with you Kendrick, I’m in love with Popo
Angels in human flesh.
I waved them down pointed the criminals out
Three direction they fled
How could it be the one they chased had my phone
Miracles still happen my bro.

They caught him, got my phone
Nine hours later my face is still burning.
But before those negros take from my day
It is big sis’s birthday.


spoons. Instagram: @dat_kjay

All my life, I’ve been fed with heavenly delicacies
Meals that gave strength to my spiritual backbone
Meals that were highly profitable to my soul
Food that made me wise.

It started with Ba mi and Ma mi
Has they introduced to me the concept of God.
Then to my Sunday school teachers
Who broke down the Bible to my little mind.

Then as I grew older,  I hungered and thirst for bigger portions
I went in search for men and women
Whom through the use of practice,
Had become experts in dividing this precious meal.

I found them and I’ve been fed over and over again
I’ve been fed up to stupor
That I take for granted that there are folks
Who haven’t ever tasted of this out-of-the-world meal.

It is my turn to join the chariot
Pick my mantle,  gear up in my solider outfit
It is time to labour for this Kingdom
I have my spoons and generous supply of food,
It is time to feed folks.


Looking up. 📷; @antoinette_set_go

Sin is sweet
Sin is sweet
I tasted it on her bare breast
I tasted it on her lips
I held it on her hips
As I squeeze.

Sin is sweet
The memory lingers
Until it forms an appetite
An appetite that leads to an habit
An habit that turns into an obsession
But the aftertaste
Isn’t too pleasant.

An overdose of regrets
A knee bruised from late nights of confessions
A heart not rested, a soul in trouble
Anger is present
Shame lives nearby
Joy went on vacation
The “had I known” chorus
Constantly ringing in my head.

Sin is sweet but her bargain is heavy
It is unfair
It keeps asking for more.
Even though the moment was fickle
And the enjoyment was momentary
It cost may last a lifetime.

Sin is sweet but the aftertaste is bitter
So I gulp a dose of sweet righteousness
Down down my throat
I munch on the bread of life
I jump into the too-good-to-be-true pool of grace
And they eradicate this bitter aftertaste
I’m at rest
Being my true self, once again.


Walking shoes. Instagram: @dat_kjay

Where my feet leads
Where my spirit heads
Where my heart calls home
Let it be the same as yours.

The way I see me
The way you see me
Let them be parallel.
In essence, a lens like yours, a heart like yours.


Out my window. Instagram: @dat_kjay

Sleep deprived once again
I think to myself again
What was I made for again
Who am I again.

They joke at my sleeplessness
No rest for the wicked and their wickedness.
My body is reacting to my heart’s restlessness
Rest come, please come, it is 2am.