Mi Casa


This feels like home
The lights are dim because I know my way around
I won’t trip or fall
And if I do, I’ve got family to lift me up.

This feels like home
A place to take off my shoes
And put my feet up
Lean back and relax, enjoying communion with family.

This is home
Where the meal is good, not only for the body
But for the soul too
And there’s contentment with joy.

This must be home
Where the music doesn’t only move your feet
It is also makes your heart leap
Where the arms that hold you are warm and genuine.

This is home
Where we are corrected in love
Where budens become light because they are shared
Where everyone is included.

This home isn’t perfect
This home isn’t filled with Saints
This is a home of God lovers,
Journeying towards their destiny
I’m proud to be one of them.



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