Looking up. 📷; @antoinette_set_go

Sin is sweet
Sin is sweet
I tasted it on her bare breast
I tasted it on her lips
I held it on her hips
As I squeeze.

Sin is sweet
The memory lingers
Until it forms an appetite
An appetite that leads to an habit
An habit that turns into an obsession
But the aftertaste
Isn’t too pleasant.

An overdose of regrets
A knee bruised from late nights of confessions
A heart not rested, a soul in trouble
Anger is present
Shame lives nearby
Joy went on vacation
The “had I known” chorus
Constantly ringing in my head.

Sin is sweet but her bargain is heavy
It is unfair
It keeps asking for more.
Even though the moment was fickle
And the enjoyment was momentary
It cost may last a lifetime.

Sin is sweet but the aftertaste is bitter
So I gulp a dose of sweet righteousness
Down down my throat
I munch on the bread of life
I jump into the too-good-to-be-true pool of grace
And they eradicate this bitter aftertaste
I’m at rest
Being my true self, once again.

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