spoons. Instagram: @dat_kjay

All my life, I’ve been fed with heavenly delicacies
Meals that gave strength to my spiritual backbone
Meals that were highly profitable to my soul
Food that made me wise.

It started with Ba mi and Ma mi
Has they introduced to me the concept of God.
Then to my Sunday school teachers
Who broke down the Bible to my little mind.

Then as I grew older,  I hungered and thirst for bigger portions
I went in search for men and women
Whom through the use of practice,
Had become experts in dividing this precious meal.

I found them and I’ve been fed over and over again
I’ve been fed up to stupor
That I take for granted that there are folks
Who haven’t ever tasted of this out-of-the-world meal.

It is my turn to join the chariot
Pick my mantle,  gear up in my solider outfit
It is time to labour for this Kingdom
I have my spoons and generous supply of food,
It is time to feed folks.


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