About Last Night.

Pepper sprayed. @dat_kjay

About a building away from my abode
Three negros with no ego
With no heros
Destination, no where to go
Sons of anarchy;
Jumped on me
I threw one off but the other two wrestle me to the ground
I was left grounded no one around
They were armed with a knife, with a brick and pepper spray

The one with the knife didn’t need to use it
(Behind the scene my angel told him he didn’t need it)
The one with the brick didn’t listen
Threw it but missed
(God saved my face)
But the one with pepper spray wasn’t listening and didn’t care
He sprayed my face with generous portions
Like he were he trying to kill a roach
They slowly walked off.

I stood up, I wouldn’t give up just yet
And my face burned like hell
Then how very happy I was when I saw the blue and red lights
I don’t agree with you Kendrick, I’m in love with Popo
Angels in human flesh.
I waved them down pointed the criminals out
Three direction they fled
How could it be the one they chased had my phone
Miracles still happen my bro.

They caught him, got my phone
Nine hours later my face is still burning.
But before those negros take from my day
It is big sis’s birthday.


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