I’m a witness

These are the mothers
These are the ones who will
Feed our next generation
Who will see danger from afar and stop it
Who will bring their dead to the altar
And take them back home alive.

These ones will move mountains
These ones will rescue the broken from the lion’s claws
And feed and nurse till they’re whole again.
These ones have more than potential
These are great women of the Messiah
As He is so are they in this world.

They don’t even know half of what is coming
They can’t  even begin to fathom the kind of power they carry
But I see it;
These are the Esthers who fearlessly get into rooms of power
And win the hearts of kings for their people’s sake,
These are the Deborahs who make clear and fair judgements for their people,
These are Marys, who will hold on to the promise of a potent seed and keep it to themselves until the time appointed,
These are Phillip’s daughters who shall declare with accuracy, things that are to come.

I’ve seen the glory of God!
These are God’s princesses
These are our Queens
Heaven awaits with joyful anticipation
I’m a witness.


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