Let me down easy

Let me down easy
Let me down easy

In the process of time it  will come together
But this process of mine feels like forever
In this time wasting adventure that involves a lot of prayers
Breaking through many levels of layers
Of issues.

Uncontrolled appetite for useless dreams
Unachievable dreams that make us grieve
Who am I deceiving,  have you been where have been
Who decieved me into believing they’ll come to be.

I had a dream to play ball at the highest league
Life was quick to remind me it was out of my league
I dreamed of singing songs that others followed my lead
But have you heard the way I speak or speech.

Fear has crippled my sanity, it has deprived me of joy
Demons toy with my emotions,  I feel dead and broken
They say I don’t have the right to feel this way
Because I’m God’s chosen.

Let me down easy
These are real feelings.



This is about me
Trying to understand You…

Trying to fathom what it is You’ve got in plan
It has been a long long wait
I’m beginning to lose grip
I’m beginning to disengage.

Engage me once more
Revelation is paramount
Spirit fill me
Spirit guide me
Don’t let me fall on the wayside.

#JustBeingHonest #prayer

Leave it!!

So a little thing in me said I should fight my battle and get even,
But the gentle voice of truth said I should sit back,
Grab some popcorn and and have some sips
And watch how the story unfolds.

I sat, painfully, patiently, waiting
And the story is being scripted so beautifully
I could have imagined this outcome.

In summation,  let’s God fight for you
He is the Master strategists
He has better ways of winning battles.

Still on my mind

I don’t have anymore tears to render
I only have a strong hope yet so tender
I reminisce on how you lived a wonder
I still can’t believe the gift of you as father.

I don’t have anymore sad songs to write
Anytime we dreamt of you, you said it’ll be alright
We see you in your heavenly attire, glowing in all white
It is only appropriate to be positive right?

We shall see you again as the scriptures promised
Never to be separated again
A crown of glory we shall gain
I’m looking forward to that promised day.

I love you Dad.