In remembrance of you my friend
The last time we spent together
As we laughed,  as we ate
As I recorded our time together
As you took our first selfie

To that dreaded Facebook inbox
That shook the foundation of my world
You were gone, you had passed
My dad had just been buried
And now you?

The long sorrowful roadtrip to Rustenburg
I was glad I didn’t make it in time
To see your open casket
I wouldn’t have been able to deal with seeing you.

As they lowered you, six feet deep
The clouds giving way to the first sunlight of the day
God’s way of telling me, heaven had a new arrival
It is one year today and i miss you dearest
We shall see again, some day.


On the daily


Wrinkled sheet
Night quickly sped away
The sun showing off it rays
Break of dawn, then I’m awake.

Searching for a new song
But nothing, my mind is blank
I try to sing an old song
But the words are forgotten
I flip through the Holy Book
I find a psalm, I sing it.

I meditate,  I’m motivated
I can run against a troop
I can jump over a wall of obstacle
I’m more than positive,  I’m spiritually induced with power
No wonder, I’m a wonder
Just like my heavenly Father.

The day begins
Me and my million dollar smile
Blessing every soul I come in contact with
Now it is His light in me showing off.