​I need to fast  a deep fast

To vacate from all these noises

To quiet all these contrary voices

To have Heaven’s volume loud in my heart.
My flesh will be relieved

Counting down the hours to break 

Then I’ll stretch it another day

So that it is weakened.
Then my spirit will arise 

Receiving life feed directly from Heaven

Uncontaminated revelations, fresh depth

From there, who knows the kind of man I’ll become.

Do me a favour

​Grace has brought before me souls  that look out for  me

Family  that cherish my presence

Brothers  who challenge me

Sisters who embrace me.
Heaven has saved me from enemies known and unknown Angels  have fought and won on my behalf

When I wasn’t  aware I was in a war

Goodness and mercy have never stop following me.
So if ever you catch me complaining 

Please do me a favour; strike  me hard on one cheek

Because I’m  a good boy, I will turn the other

Strike me harder.
Then it will dawn on me

That because I wasn’t  mindful of the Lord’s  doings

Because my heart had gone cold to the things of God

I’ve  caused my cheeks to suffer.

Just Human

​I’m  done trying  to defend



And politicians 

One thing they all have in common?

They’re all humans.
While the anointing  may flow from the head, to the beard, down to the shoes

While poetry is gift of expression and some do it good

And i know we ought  to pray for our leaders

I’ve  stop putting any man on pedestals 

Cuz i know we all susceptible to fail.
I will listen to your sermon  and honour the One you represent 

I will listen to your poetry  and enjoy your stories

I will  respect your political  views and perhaps pray for you

But i will never set up myself to be disappointed by you

No,  never again!
#SelfLoveSeries #Day2

My journey

Someone  recently said i have unreasonable dreams

But dude, look at my life,  I’ve  had unreasonable trials 

Pain the half, you can’t  even bear

Places of deep darkness, you can’t dare.
I can’t  have come from  where i come from

Seen what I’ve seen, been where I’ve  been

Only  to end up being a conformist 

I will be deliberately stubborn to live out the rest of this  story.
I’m  not going to sit back and watch life draft me a story

I will draft mine; with my words, prayers and dreams

I will live a great story

That no man in the past, present and future would be able to be compared to me.