We are the weirdos

We are amongst those 

Who write for pleasure

Who dream under pressure.
We get inspired by sunrise

We are taught lessons by  rain

We wish for a kiss, to take away the pain

We are everyday people but our words make us sound wise. 
We fight with our pens

We protest with our rhymes 

We die easily in our thought like hens

We resurrect again by another rhymes.
We take on other people’s  burden

To gain a fresh perspective 

We know how to be broken and how to be healed

Our lives were made for narratives

Everyday, everywhere in light and in dark

That’s  all we see.
We are the weirdos

You may call us writers.
#10daychallenge #apoem #aphoto #day1

#kjayspeople #cute #weirdos #poetry #poem #portrait_ig #child #realones #funny #photography #write #righttowrite


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