He said something to her

It accompanies her and she want to slit her throat

She sees all that was spoken over her

It is true, it reflecting back at her in her mirror

She believes it, she digests it and it lingers like a bad odour. 

I wondered  why she believed him

She replied, he was her father, her brother, her lover, a stranger

A stranger too?.. she smiled.. yeah a stranger

She’s bold, a lioness, a pillar to other girls but she’s  also fragile

Her emotions.
What shall I say to this beautiful  piece of God’s handy work

That she’s  enough, that she’s  gold, apple of God’s  eyes

How shall I break through the web of lies that she’s  believed 

How do i take a picture of her that she might look at herself again and smile… Lord teach me how to tell her she’s perfect…like You!!



#kjayspeople #kjaywrites

#10daychallenge #apoem #aphoto #day10 #poetry #freedom 


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