3years now

I think I’ll cry if i wrote you a song
It’ll be sad if i write a poem
But the memories are beautiful, The legacy is burdensome.

I sometimes question why i was given your name,
Because i often feel I’m not living up to expectation
You always spoke grace over me; that I’ll be greater,that I’ll be greater.

This i believe, that all words won’t fall to the dust,
They’ll fulfill the purpose to which they were sent.
I miss you Ba mi, my hero

Man tings

When you see her, when you see them
What comes to your mind?
When you whistle and pass dirty comments
What’s really going through your mind
What are you capable of behind the curtains
Will you hold yourself in the dark?

Do you think she could be your daughter
Your sister, someone’s potential wife
Someone’s soon to be mother, someone’s mother
Or is she just a piece of meat to you ?
You grab, you hit and clean your mouth without no sign
And life moves on… then you’ve created another monster
Another angry, broken woman.

Good side

Let the young child flourish
She should walk in the dark unafraid
Confident in the light in her
Walk with the gait of a princess.

Allow the young ones dance freely
Unchoked with our judging eyes
Revelling in the grace available
Assured that God only sees their good side.

This could be a hill song

Like I’ve never been guilty
Like I’ve done no wrong
His love towards me is pure

I’ve got bad ratings with the poor
I love a little, I give even less
But still He pours on me and pours on me
His blessings are boundless.

Songs don’t flow as much as they use to
My dam of hymns is a small pool
But yet you sing over me with joy
Heaven is rejoicing over the thought of me.

Your love is so great
Your love is so great
You’re love!

A photo of happy

I melted my pains
With an overdose of joy and love
I danced in the rain
So I couldn’t tell which was teardrops
Or raindrops
I washed my bloodstained conscience
With words of God’s love
Now I’m laughing like I’ve never been guilty
Like I’ve never felt pain.#kjay

I’m hidden

I’m hidden
Behind the shade of silent progress
Spotlights are yet to find me out.
I’m hidden
Till my work speaks for me
And the world gets to meet me.
I’m hidden
In the everyday crowd
Polishing my craft with sweat and midnight candles
With a prayer here, a confession there.
Soon i will be hidden no more
Then, you’ll say it happened overnight.#kjay
. #kjayimages


Let it rain in abundance
Let us have a new dance
Showers of blessings,
Have a romance with our dry land.

I declare the land is green
I declare the land is fertile
Abundance of rain,
Flood off the blood stains
Flood off our past pains.

New season be here!