I’m hidden

I’m hidden
Behind the shade of silent progress
Spotlights are yet to find me out.
I’m hidden
Till my work speaks for me
And the world gets to meet me.
I’m hidden
In the everyday crowd
Polishing my craft with sweat and midnight candles
With a prayer here, a confession there.
Soon i will be hidden no more
Then, you’ll say it happened overnight.#kjay
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Let it rain in abundance
Let us have a new dance
Showers of blessings,
Have a romance with our dry land.

I declare the land is green
I declare the land is fertile
Abundance of rain,
Flood off the blood stains
Flood off our past pains.

New season be here!

Oh man

Do not surrender to your slips
oh man,
dust off your past failings
Come out of the pit you were buried
Do not forever languish in regrets
Paint for yourself a new day
Find it and walk diligently in the new way.

You’re more than your mistakes
You’re more than your slips
Don’t get buried once again in that pit
Stand up, stand tall
You’re a lion!!


I pledge

I pledge to You oh my Father

To always be a wonder

To dream huge, to aspire bigger

To always ponder,  to be a thinker.
I refuse to surrender 

To cheap dreams,  to glittering wonders

I choose to look closer,  dig deeper

I choose You, I choose the proper.
I decide today to hunger

For Your presence,  to linger

At Your foot, listening for answers

In pursuit of you, not just Your power.
I make a choice to rise higher

To spread my wings to float lighter

To get rid of loads, the thoughts of being a pauper

I am done with the littleness of life, I want something greater.

Hide and seek

I play hide and seek with God

I do the seeking, He does the hiding

He hides in pages of love notes written in scripture 

He reveals it to me by His spirit

The more i know Him

The more i need to know.
He hides and hides in shades of light 

I search and search till i find

I still don’t  know  Him fully.

Eternity after eternity  i will never know Him fully

But i shall keep searching… i love this game.



He said something to her

It accompanies her and she want to slit her throat

She sees all that was spoken over her

It is true, it reflecting back at her in her mirror

She believes it, she digests it and it lingers like a bad odour. 

I wondered  why she believed him

She replied, he was her father, her brother, her lover, a stranger

A stranger too?.. she smiled.. yeah a stranger

She’s bold, a lioness, a pillar to other girls but she’s  also fragile

Her emotions.
What shall I say to this beautiful  piece of God’s handy work

That she’s  enough, that she’s  gold, apple of God’s  eyes

How shall I break through the web of lies that she’s  believed 

How do i take a picture of her that she might look at herself again and smile… Lord teach me how to tell her she’s perfect…like You!!



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The Blessings

Let every  season begin to work for me

I’m  done with the miracles  of the wilderness 

I want the blessings of the promised land

Let it rain on me in large portions.

Blessings  that pursue me till they run me over

Unlimited resources to do more than the needful

To have in abundance till it overflows

As it is in Heaven, so let be with me

I walk in it.





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