Freedom (the call)

I call on freedom

I call on freedom

I want some freedom

I won’t  stop calling

Till freedom comes
Whatever it form

So long it is from Heaven above 

I will do with any freedom’s form

So long it frees me up

And breaks the chains holding me

I’ll  call on freedom till freedom comes.
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Son of the morning 

Darkness  brag all you can

Take it and can as much you can

But you’re  living  on borrowed time 

A little ray of light  will soon emerge

And ruin your  vibes.

So while  you have the time 

Do as much damage, wreck  as much havoc 

You earned the permission to steal, kill and destroy 

Thanks to the first Adam.

But when the light shows up

In it truthest and in it strength

You shall be no more




My past pains crept on me

Like a theif in the night,

I have those I’ve  not forgiven 

I  have quiet resentment against those I should love.
Pieces of truth emerging  from my better-not-said past

Better-hidden, I’m not confrontational excuses

Hanging in my subconscious, stuffing my heart  with garbage. 

But i want freedom, i want to dance like a child

I want  to spread my wings like a bird and sing an unpopular  song.

I want to…. I have to….


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In pain and under pressure

I force a laugh with God

Them against Him, they have no measure.

I cry in public,  i laugh in private

I laugh because I’m  done worrying

I’m  done shedding  tears in my secret place

Victory comes to those that see it first…

From a far they rejoice at it arrival.

I will  keep laughing  till victory  is won

I will dance when war knocks at the door

It is no longer my fight, He’s  won it all!



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______Addiction ______

Comfort zones  of the dark

Hiding places

Where no one ever attends

The stabbings of my soul

The assaults  on my mind.
I shall  quit tomorrow 

Let me do it one last time.

The guilt that never evaporates

The enemy  questioning my newness in Christ.
I wrote it on a plate

My brothers next to me

I smashed  with a hammer

Now that it is shattered 

I’ve shed light on it

Never again, never again will i be slave to you!!



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We are the weirdos

We are amongst those 

Who write for pleasure

Who dream under pressure.
We get inspired by sunrise

We are taught lessons by  rain

We wish for a kiss, to take away the pain

We are everyday people but our words make us sound wise. 
We fight with our pens

We protest with our rhymes 

We die easily in our thought like hens

We resurrect again by another rhymes.
We take on other people’s  burden

To gain a fresh perspective 

We know how to be broken and how to be healed

Our lives were made for narratives

Everyday, everywhere in light and in dark

That’s  all we see.
We are the weirdos

You may call us writers.
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A poem, a prayer

Drive a wedge between me

And the things  that slowly kill me

Cause a fight between  me and my bad companies 

Drive away the paths that are not for me.
Write  on the flesh tablets of my  heart, the songs  you wrote  for me

Let my heart only enjoy Heavenly melodies 

Help me decipher and penetrate the enemy’s  narrative

May your truth  be the only words my mouth shall speak.
Drive a wedge between me

And the thoughts that hold me captive

Tell me of my newness, the way you see me now

May I only do and say what  your spirit allows.